Hello there! My name is Michiel Papenhove and I write, record and produce all kinds of music using my Michett moniker.

Around 1990 I started playing guitar and some five years later, I joined Dutch metal band Within Temptation.

After leaving the band in 2001, I spend some time in other acts before taking a few years off to setup an IT-company. In 2012, I decided to get back on the musical track and turned myself into Michett, the audiophile midget.

My goal is to eventually create music for other people as a way of making a living. I've given myself ten years to become proficient at song writing, recording and producing.

Until the moment that I consider myself good enough to actually produce music on a professional level arrives, all my creations will be shared with the world for free.

Everything I make on my own is therefore shared using the Creative Commons CC-BY license. My music is already used by video creators, Youtubers, indie game developers and gets regularly featured on web radio stations. If you'd also like to use it: awesome! All I ask of you is attribution so I can start making a name for myself.

SoundCloud is where I present all of my work, including download links. But you can also find a lot of my tracks on the Free Music Archive.

Have some more questions? Not a problem. Feel free to contact me at info [@] michett [dot] com.

Have yourself a wonderful day!

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